Iron Kings


we are rolling free
in a world of hidden slavery
crush the boundaries
set by the government
we're the pain in their ass
a sting under thier nail
doomsday prophets
walking dead
Lords of chaos
ultra mad

wake up demons
we'll ride on devils wings
speed up - hellion
god bless the iron kings

knock knock on your head
we're the filthiest of the mad
fly you fools it's your last chance
get away
run run run
our sacred hate
determines our fate
We promise we will rise
and fight until we die

hell-bent for ultimate pain
mercieless on the torture train
riding on the devils wings
odin - bless the iron kings






Ground Zero


down to zero
i hit the ground
the quest led me
up a blind alley
wasted my time
on a foredoomed way

i'm chosen to fail
fucked up
i'm heading for hell
hunting the grail
i went astray
wasted my time
on a foredoomed way

my world goes down in an inferno
you're welcome to ground zero
i walk the valley of the shadow
of decay and blackest sorrow
ain't no hope for tomorrow
this is ground zero

of the olden days
replaced by pain
the quest led me
up a blind alley
wasted my time
on a foredoomed way








every day the only thing I see
is a black rain cloud over me
every time I try to flee
it comes down to smother me

whirling mind but I won't feel high
nevermore trust that liquid lie
sitting numb in my chair
i waste myself every single day

every single day...

eternal night in my head
light is gone my mind is dead
i hear demons calling me
one step away from eternity








enter the arena,

hungry for pain
i can smell your fear,

your begging is in vain
i am father chaos,

I'm a human blaster
i am a bonegrinder,

I am the beastmaster

i am the beastmaster,

god of war and lust
unchained combat monster,

I chew your bones to dust
I am father chaos,

lord of the disaster
the hallowed terrorizer,

the almighty beastmaster

come on ladies,

so you wanna suffer
get rid off your rags,

i play the brutal lover
i am mr. bigtree,

i'm the pussy buster
a close combat bulldog,

i am the beastmaster







constant nightmare
while dreaming or not
twisted madness
am I satan or god
forever lost
in the depths of my mind
forever down
no chance to rewind

creepy stranger
inside of me
creepy stranger
inside of me

creepy stranger
in the mirror
I don't know him anymore
creepy Stranger
in my head
haunting me
for the blood
that I shed

the world around me
an illusion
sleepwalking through the
fourth dimension
mental chaos
thoughts collide
I'm cracking up
on the manic ride






Hoodoo Woman

hoodoo woman
you are bewitching a man
soul grinder
you broke me but I am back again

i'm fading
i'm bleeding
you shall feel what i've felt

hoodoo woman
i am back
to deal what you've dealt
you shall feel
You shall feel what I've felt

i'm walking tall
still breathing
still breathing after all
It's my turn
in this brutal game
i'll get you
i am back again

spellbound i could not see the truth
right in front of my eyes
i was so blind, so blind
i was going down
deceived and alone






Boom Baby

oh bad barbie baby boogie-woogie queen
she's an iron maiden beastie and obscene
she bangs her head and twists her pretty neck
priestess of the mad

barbie baby heavy metal queen
a busty hot one, like burning gasoline
goddess of metal whip your black hair
boom baby hell fucking yeah

the world stops turning when she appears
she's a leather-clad bombshell, hotter than hell
with a wink of her eye, she could lead the whole pack
the priestess of the devil, that makes me mad

the ground is shaking when she appears
she blows my mind, damn it oh yeah
she's a hard rocking lady, dressed in black
the Priestess of the devil, that makes me mad

i saw her dancing in the fire
she rocked so hard with desire
fueled with beer I spoke to her
come on baby be my girl
What she said i can't believe
drink with me or you can leave
oh yeah baby that's the deal
boom baby hell fucking yeah










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